The savior of the Porsche 911

Friedrich Bezner turned 80 in October 2020. Bezner began his training at Porsche in 1954 as a teenager aged just 14. He continued his education for more than a decade at night schools alongside his work at Porsche, eventually becoming assistant to Chief Development Officer Professor Helmuth Bott. After a successful career, Bezner took over as project manager for the Porsche 911 in 1979.

At the time, modern vehicle concepts such as the Porsche 924 or 928 were highly regarded internally. Board member Fuhrmann even planned to phase out the most important car for Porsche to this day. The legendary nine-eleven was to be replaced by the Porsche 928.

During this time, Friedrich Bezner and his team worked hard to ensure the survival of the Porsche 911 and continued to develop it without an official mandate in order to remedy the few weak points of the 911 and thus ensure its survival.

You can read how the mission succeeded in his interview in our new book about the 911 G model, “The Book 1974-1989”.

Friedrich Bezner was still exclusively available to us in May 2020 for a photo shoot in Schwäbisch Gmünd. We would like to express our sincere thanks and congratulations on this special birthday. Get your own picture of who should be considered the “savior of the 911” in Porsche history.