Unique Porsche books on historic model series

Selected Porsche books from Berlin Motor Books

A Porsche is more than just a car. Porsche stands for fascination, design and dynamism. A whole attitude to life, noble and sophisticated, emanates from the classic. But not only behind the wheel. Off the road, too. Whether as spectators at the race track or visitors to the Porsche Museum, the sports cars from Zuffenhausen are multifaceted. Even on paper, they unfold their aesthetic appeal. Our exclusive collection of Porsche books invites you on a special journey back in time to the history of the German cult car. From the beginnings of the Porsche design office in Stuttgart to its rise to become a global brand – lavishly designed print products put an era on paper in an unprecedented form.

The founder of BMB Berlin Motor Books, Andreas Gabriel, is a proven expert on books about the air-cooled classics of the Stuttgart carmaker. Professionally designed and researched in detail, our print products accompany the groundbreaking stages of the traditional company. Since the founding of the publishing house in 2011, our products have enjoyed a place of honor in our customers’ bookcases.

Berlin Motor Books, the collection of classics

Cayenne, Macan, and Panamera – the most popular Porsche models of the modern era – bring style and exclusive design to the modern street scene. The greatest fascination, however, comes from the historic model series. The air-cooled Porsche 911 series in particular, i.e. the F model, G model, 964 and, of course, the last air-cooled 911, the Porsche 993, enjoy cult status. It is not without reason that author and publisher Andreas Gabriel is intensively involved with the classic model series of the renowned automotive group. His specialty is the air-cooled years, the Aircooled Years.

A tribute to the aircooled years of the nine-eleven

Hardly any other model series is as coveted by collectors and car enthusiasts as the four air-cooled Porsche 911 model series, starting with the Porsche 911, also known as the nine-eleven, which goes down in the Porsche era as the best-known sports car. The starting signal was given on September 12, 1963 at the IAA in Frankfurt am Main, where the 911, then still known as the Porsche 901, was presented as the successor model to the 356. Its special feature: the unmistakable sound of the air-cooled engine.

A tribute to the 911 G model has been published by BMB Berlin Motor Books with the Limited Edition Porsche 911 Aircooled Years 1974 – 1989. On 425 pages, author Andreas Gabriel goes into detail about all six special models and provides comprehensive information about the price development of the last few years. Another highlight is the comprehensive buying advice from the Porsche specialist EARLY 911 S on all five series of the G model.

To celebrate the 30th birthday of the Porsche 964, the publishing house BMB Berlin Motor Books published in 2018 the book PORSCHE 964 “30 YEARS” 1988-2018, limited to 964 copies. In this book, the entire history of the cult vehicle is told for the first time. In addition, there is a detailed buyer’s guide and price development of the past years. Author Andreas Gabriel also pays special attention to all air-cooled special models. At the same time, the work invites readers to take a historical journey back in time. The Porsche archive opened its doors and presents unpublished photographs from the development phase of the 964.